Most Iconic Chains You Should Own

Are you in the market for quality chains for you or your loved one? Do you wonder what type of chain you should buy? The most important thing to remember is that a chain enhances your outfit of the day and never gets out of style. Some chains are stand alone and some are sturdy enough to add a pendant. Chains come in different designs and styles. Some are suited for men and some for women.


A chain is defined as a series of links used or worn as an ornament. These include; gold rope chains, Cuban link chain, white gold Figaro chain, belcher, among others. Each chain is unique in style.

Different types of chains

  1. Curb chains are classic and timeless in style and design. Traditionally, curb chains are heavier and wider, though there are lighter weights available these days. They come in different designs you could choose from such as traditional flat curb, thicker beveled curb, close curb, or Cuban curb chain. Curb chains have a masculine touch, hence commonly worn by men. These chains are sturdy and easy to clean.


  1. Patterned and plain belcher chains originated from Britain in the 18th century and are still very popular. They vary depending on length and colour. They come in either silver or gold. Belcher chains are broad and have equal links.

  1. Cuban link chains are associated with the Hip Hop movement and most popularly worn by artists such as Jay-Z. This chain is characterized by heavy gold curb links. Cuban chain is trendy and fashionable. It can be worn on any occasion.


  1. White gold Figaro chains are a type of traditional Italian chains that have flattened links of alternating sizes, usually one large link followed by three small ones. This chain is stylish and eye-catching. It can be worn as a standalone or with a pendant. They are for both men and women.


  1. Rope chains are the most beautiful chains with metal segments made in a rope-like twisting pattern that reflects light from various angles. Rope chains are heavy and most durable. They don’t easily come apart. Because of their heavy nature, they can be worn with a pendant or on their own.

  1. Anchor chains sometimes called “rambo” or “gucci” are stylish and fashionable. They are standalone chains that have an appearance of an anchor, hence the name.
  1. Box chains are made of square links. This chain is worn by both men and women. They are of different variations depending on the width. The wider width is normally worn by men. Its links are tough and do not break easily. It can be reattached without the links being replaced.

These are some of the most iconic chains. Choosing a chain depends on your sense of style and taste. We have a range of chains in the shop, check them out!




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